TiffanyTiffany Swann-Covington


“I look for opportunities to hone my professional skills as a manager and consultant with small business leaders and entrepreneurs. My strengths include business planning, operational assessments, customer service program development, marketing and business plan writing and development. I enjoy working with people who have a passion for what they do and are willing to learn (and teach) as they strive to better themselves and their company/organization.”

Specialties: VP sales and marketing, regional economic development, small business consultation, customer service specialist, sales and inventory manager, mentor, youth ministry development, and being a Christian.

Master of Ceremony

“We give the most powerful, transforming, miracle-making love when the  beloved is least deserving. It is then that our love reflects the love of God given in the sacrifice of the cross. Our ‘Easter’ is of God’s shaping us into who we need to be.” - Andrew & Terri Lyke

Andrew and Terri Lyke are members of the Catholic Speakers Organization,