Gained Insights

FB CoverThis Saturday afternoon session is made up of three facilitated conversations to glean from the participants new insights gained from the keynote and workshop presentations, and their conversations with other participants during the symposium. Each conversation will be facilitated by someone designated to follow one of the three general themes of the symposium:

  1. Theological Perspectives;
  2. Sociological Perspectives; and
  3. "Do-ological" Practical Perspectives.

Each conversation will have, along with a facilitator, a scribe who will write down key ideas that will be recorded and included in the final document of the symposium. 

Also, each conversation will present three questions for deeper exploration. these questions will be addressed at the Panel discussion that follows immediately afterward. 

Participants will choose one of general themes for which they will participate in a conversation. 

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“We give the most powerful, transforming, miracle-making love when the  beloved is least deserving. It is then that our love reflects the love of God given in the sacrifice of the cross. Our ‘Easter’ is of God’s shaping us into who we need to be.” - Andrew & Terri Lyke

Andrew and Terri Lyke are members of the Catholic Speakers Organization,