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ArusiNetwork is an organization that focuses on encouraging, strengthening, and supporting marriage among African Americans. Taken from the Kiswahili phrase for “marriage celebration,” Arusi looks at marriage from an African worldview that defines the “I” in the “we” and emphasizes the symbiotic relationship between marriage and the Community.

Founded by pioneer marriage educators Andrew and Terri Lyke, Arusi stresses that just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a church to sustain a committed, lifelong, healthy marriage.  The work of ArusiNetwork assists the Church in exploring effective ways to engage the stakeholding community in the sacramental life of marriage and married couples in the mission of the Church.

Marriage & Family Enrichment
Marriage Preparation * Parish Consultations
Seminars/Workshops/Retreats * Leadership Training
Marriage Support Groups * Relationship Coaching
Building the Beloved Community

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“We give the most powerful, transforming, miracle-making love when the  beloved is least deserving. It is then that our love reflects the love of God given in the sacrifice of the cross. Our ‘Easter’ is of God’s shaping us into who we need to be.” - Andrew & Terri Lyke


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